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Edwin Blyde

Registered Trade Mark of Edwin Blyde

The spur has been the trademark of Edwin Blyde for some 130 years when one of the Blyde family joined the Company straight from a cavalry division of the British army.  Blyde's history can be traced back as far as the 18th century when one of its main activities was the manufacture of pewter-ware.  Blyde's manufacturing started when steam power and belt driven motors were used, when candle and oil were the only means of light, through the torrid times of world wars.  Our progress in the manufacture of finest quality pewter-ware has taken great strides and as one of the leading manufacturers of pewter-ware in the world, we are conscious of our fine heritage and of the city we represent. 

The Sheffield city council desirous of preserving Sheffield's reputation for craftsmanship and high quality wished to accord its tribute to manufacturers and goods which are recognised for these qualities. Therefore, acting upon advice the city council has been pleased to approve the coat of arms of the City of Sheffield in association with specified products manufactured solely in Sheffield by Edwin Blyde.  The worshipful company of pewterers, which is 16th in order of precedence in the city of London, was granted a Royal Charter by King Edward IV in 1473. This charter allowed the company to set and enforce standards and to regulate the pewter trade throughout England.

Our products are made in the UK

A resurgence in pewter during the last century can in the main be attributed to the formation in 1970 of the association of British pewter craftsmen (ABPC). The initiative was taken by a group of manufacturers, the metal suppliers and the worshipful Company of Pewterers. By promoting high standards, raising awareness of pewter and encouraging innovation and excellence in manufacturing, ABPC has achieved impressive results and together with the pewterers company has helped to establish British Pewter firmly in both domestic and worldwide markets. 

The company now specialises in the manufacture of the highest quality pewter products to suit all modern day needs and occasion.

Edwin Blyde now occupies a modern factory in the Darnall area of Sheffield where our products are developed and manufactured.  Our employees are all trained in the factory and inspection rooms to the highest of standards.