All of our pewter coasters are individually hand made in our Sheffield factory by our skilled craftsman. As one of the leading Manufacturers of Pewter ware in the World we are conscious of our heritage and that of the city of Sheffield we represent, which for many centuries has been the centre of craftsmanship in Gold, Silver, Pewter and Steel. What is Pewter?  Pewter is a metal made mostly from tin.

Edwin Blyde & Co Ltd was established in 1798.

Pewter is a malleable metal alloy that can be used in the manufacture of many different style products using heat and other tools. They are an ideal gift for wedding, anniversary, special occasion or simply for your very own use.

We manufacture different designs and styles so there will definitely be a pewter coaster on our website to suit your needs.

If you are struggling for a gift idea for the one you love we will have a pewter coaster for you.


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